If you can speak what you will never hear, if you can write what you will never read, you have done rare things.
~Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pimp my poetry

This is the cover to the first anthology where I am going to have my work published. I would do a happy dance and shake my pom poms but I'm not that perky :)

Putrid Poetry & Sickening Sketches

Poetry and Zombies...

Art and the Undead...

Terms that may not seem to go together, but after seeing what the living dead poets have placed on these virtual pages with their rotted hands, you just might think again. What you hold in your hands is a fan-freaking-tastic collection of zombie-themed poetry and art some names you probably know as well as some new writers you may not know. Either way, you are in for a treat! Bon appetite!

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