If you can speak what you will never hear, if you can write what you will never read, you have done rare things.
~Henry David Thoreau

Friday, June 17, 2011

Really? Tell me more...

I research everything, especially about sex.. One could say that its a hobby of mine. I collect tidbits of unusual information and save them up in case I can ever use them in one of my erotica stories. I now know more about kinks, quirks, and fetishes then I ever thought that I would need in a lifetime.

I have to admit my fascination with people's sexual proliclivities. I wonder how people realize their interests- are they always there in the back of their mind or are they introduced? Did nude magazines introduce men to the idea of having a menage a troi with two 'lesbians' or is that just a lovely fantasy from boyhood? How does one realize they are into golden showers?

I'm not making judgements here- as long as everything is consensual and involves two adults (or more), have at it. I find it strange that so many people are uptight talking about sex- I suppose it is because they fear judgement and don't want to be labeled a freak, weirdo, pervert, etc.

Years ago, I watched an episode of CSI where the murder victim had a secret baby fetish (paraphilic infantilism). He had a nursery built into a hidden room off his bedroom and wore all the trapping of an actual baby. I believe he even had a wet nurse who cared for him.

While I have no interest in wearing diapers, the breastfeeding aspect of that particular fetish is interesting. Although I would rather be the provider instead of the drinker. That led me to a search of adult breastfeeding in relation to intimacy, rather than baby play. It appear to be relatively common for women who are already breastfeeding (or those who induce lactation purposely) to use the feeding as a way to bring a deeper bond with their partner.

I'm also fascinated how people can be turned on by something a simple as a smell, sound, or taste. I had a roommate years ago who would get an erection everytime he smelled peaches- even he didn't know why. Classic conditioning, I suppose. I personally have a thing for women with sexy, smoky voices. If you have ever heard Kate Mulgrew (Captain Janeway on ST:Voyager) speak, you'll know what I am talking about. She's almost twice my age but still yummy. :)

I always wanted to be a sexologist, but I would rather to be a researcher, not a therapist. I can just picture myself leaning forward while someone is telling me about their sexual quirks and saying, "Really? Tell me more." while thoughts of my next story ran through my head.

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  1. I often feel like this, but your ability to articulate this is wonderful! :)